Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brazilian Carnival!

So if you're like me and attended a Brazilian Carnival party recently (and didn't speak because everyone else was speaking another language) and soaked up the amazing costumes and rich culture, then you know what blown away was! So I set out to get my own outfit for Carnival. :) And here's what I got! The detail and amazing, and the glitter to the costume adds a great touch.

I got my costume from Brazilian Carnival Costumes - how simple is that name?!

Outfit - Brazilian Carnival: Passista Roxa.
Hair - ND-Angel III - Black Pearl

:) Happy Shopping!



  1. Blissie you always sparkle and shine, but in this all the more. Perhaps I shall check out Carnival.

  2. :) You'd love it,'s so rich in culture and flavor..and the COLORS! It's all so amazing.