Saturday, December 11, 2010

Convertable Pieces..

Not a picture blog today, kids. Just some old fashioned commentary.

It's funny that you can go into an SL store and buy a dress.....that quickly converts into a bathing suit.

Genius, right?


In what situation would you ever be in.....where you'd need to just remove the bottom half of your skirt and you'd be ready for the water?

I don't know about anyone else..(maybe I'm OCD), but I'd have to change hairstyles..and jewelry..and shoes..there's a whole process!

So no..when I click on a folder to wear it..I don't want the whole swimwear option in there at all.

I'd chalk this up to an Idea Fail.

Just saying. :)

These are my 2.5 cents..that I know you've missed.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Truth Hair: Roxana

I'm dying. I took my pics in SL to post about my 3 AM purchase of new Truth hair releases when...

DUN DUN DUN! The lovely Joonie Jatho beat me to it by a few minutes. :P

Oh well. If you'd like to see a REAL fashion blog post, you can check it out here:

:) But of course, I'm so vain, I still have to post my own pics.

Well, on the bright side, Joonie and I showcased the light and dark of the hair - and I even threw in streaks to match my new Phoenix Rising dress (shameless plug for one of my fave stores).

So run over to the new releases section of Truth and BUY it. I don't suggest it - I demand you buy this hair and wear it. Your own way, of course. :P

Happy shopping, kids! :)


Fashion Fest!

Please IM Joonie Jatho with any questions. :)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Be The Boss..The Sexy Way

Oh, it's a man's world.

Sometimes, stealing a piece from his closet and softening it up some helps.

Scoop up this sexy top from Phoenix Rising. I don't just suggest it, I insist on it.

Shite: Phoenix Rising: Push Femme (Black)

Throw on some sexy jeans, sassy hair and heels....

And you're set. :)

Thank me later.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lost In My Inventory...

Sometimes, I fall in love with a store..and then I lose their landmark in my inventory. If you've ever HEARD about my inventory, you know why.

Shameful, I know.

Well! I did uncover my landmark for Mirrors (which I think I've blogged about before). I'm a little hesitant to feature them again - but the stuff I snagged this afternoon is so cute, it's a fashion injustice not to share it.

First up, we have:

Mirrors*+Mizgirl Flower: Really cute bikini - comes with shorts, bikini bottom, and ruffled skirt. :) I feels really relaxed..a little.."girl next door" to me.

Next up, is my fave - just because it looks like swimwear I own in RL:

Mirrors*+Mizgirl Star: Kinda edgy - something you'd wear with stilettos. :) But the bows on the hips soften it up and make it girly too.

And lastly, I had to grab this "check out my sexy body in Las Vegas" swimsuit:

Mirrors*+Mizgirl Pinky: Just screams, trendy and sexy - I think it's awesome for those SL group pool events. :)

That's all you're getting out of me for right now.

So visit Mirrors if you can. :) Happy Shopping.

Blissie Boucher

Your Mission #1: Swimwear

Well, well, well.

It seems I've gone silent on blogging for too long.

Dear Reader,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to promote your favorite piece of swimwear.

It's simple. Send me a folder with a picture of you wearing said swimwear (not a picture of it in a store, thank you), together with a notecard that gives the complete name of the outfit, store purchased and IF possible, the LM for the store.

I'll grab some of my lovely other Black Sheep bloggers, and we'll pick the best picture. If you get 500L and you'll be featured as the winner of Mission #1 in a blog post.

:) Yes, anyone can enter - even if you design the outfit yourself.

Blissie Boucher

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earthstones - Power Crystal Necklace

A sweet buy from Earthstones - which I love completely. Matches a ton of my casual outfits, and it adds a very relaxed feel, I think.

Comes in several colors - each with a different meaning/intention.

This is rose quartz - and I've attached the "purpose" sheet of the crystal.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Armidi: Classics Never Fail...

Sometimes, in my hunt for new stores to blog about, I forget about the old classics that carried through my noob days.

One classic store that had withstood the different fads and phases of SL time has been Armidi. Classic and beautiful - amazing colors and great designs.

With that said, let me establish for those of you that are not very familiar with me, purple is my favorite color. So to find this amazing jewel toned shirt with matching shorts, was perfect for me. Purple shoes? Check. From Armidi? OF COURSE. Not only did I buy ONE pair of purple shoes, I bought three.

So Bev's building, and I'm loafing around photographing my fave new outfit. :) Hope you enjoy.

OH! My only warning careful of the prim cuffs. They can give you a hard time if you don't play with them a little first.

But Spring is coming..and who doesn't want an outfit to make them feel completely excited about the season? :)

Outfit: Armidi: {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze - Ukruan Purple
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Barcelona Slingback - Eggplant

Happy Shopping!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Morph Me Beautiful, Baby!

So every now and then, I go on a mission to have something.

Sometimes it's shoes, sometimes it's clothes..a hair..a pose..a whatever.

This time, I went on a photo morphing bender.

What is photo morphing, you ask? It's the blending of RL images with your SL make an amazing and, sometimes, very beautiful photo. The trick is..finding the perfect SL photographer that can blend the images perfectly.

Now this is actually where the trouble comes in.

Not very many SL photography studios do it. So you search and come up with about a dozen.

Now, having done a few, and figuring out that you CAN drive someone nuts by changing your mind multiple times or asking for changes to the picture..the style..the feel..the best thing for you to do is:

1. Go into the studio with a notion of what you want already. Colors, ideas, feels, photo messages.

2. If you know of a photo you've seen that you like the pose, the style, etc. SEND IT TO TH PHOTOGRAPHER. I maybe wouldn't have driven a few people nuts if I had done that to start with.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for changes - especially considering a morphed photo can run you anywhere from 1,000L to 3,000L.

While I've shot several, the first one I got back were from the VERY kind Marion Falworth of Lavish Photography. I was exact in what I reflection in a mirror morphed. I think the results are stunning.

I'm beyond difficult to work with - ask Ayn Tomsen and Hartigan Beck of AHA! Designs. When they custom build homes for me, I come with an exact imagine in mind. This is what I want - what's in my head. I provide pictures, I provide feedback while they work. But that's in the building of a house.

It's a lot harder for me to stick my nose in with a partially finished morph. I just have to wait until it's done and then give my honest feedback.

But I have to say, though the image in my mind was slightly different, the feeling in the picture and the overall look was perfect and on-spot. It's sexy and surreal..very beautiful.

Now the close-up, I offered less direction on. I simply said, I want to look more exotic than just one ethnicity. The results are AMAZING - almost as if she'd read my mind.

So I feel very satisfied tonight. Excited, even. :)

Months ago when I discussed morphed photos with the lovely Stella Stapleton, we were unsure of copyright issues, etc. and agreed to hold off on taking them until we knew more. I'm kind of glad I waited, because now I have more of a feel for what I want out of the picture.

:) Of course, there's more to come.

So, check out Lavish Photography at



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Suicidal Unborn - Oh My Broken Heart....

Well, I was lucky enough to cross paths with a lovely lady this weekend that passed on the LM to Suicidal Unborn. I stole a few moments in SL and headed over to check it out. I have to say, pleasantly surprised! I love the relaxed feel and the urban feel of the outfits.

So I came across the Nini Dress: Valentine's Special Edition. Mini-dress, broken hearts..very flirty and sexy. What better way to photograph this dress, than with my new kissing booth? ;-)

Not just a Valentine's Day look, in my opinion, it's cute enough to wear year around..and keep those boys begging for more.

It comes with three shirt layers - different nipple versions for you detailed gals. And I'm in LOVE with the buttons at the hem of the skirt.

I did grab a few other items from Suicidal Unborn, but I didn't want to drag my feet on blogging this dress like I have my other new purchases. So take the TP..go over..and SHOP! You can thank me later. ;-)

Happy Shopping!

Blissie Boucher

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Baiastice Punk!

So I'm a huge Baiastice fan - let me freely admit this from the beginning of this post. I own more of the glitter dresses than anyone probably should..but I love them ALL. I adore the colors, the textures, the designs. Hell, I even love the STORE. So when I made my usual brief appearance on SL recently, I popped into Baiastice to see what was new.

I love the sexy punk look in SL, but sometimes it can be TOO much. The clothes can be too heavy..or too dark..not the right amount of sexy punk. There's a fine line, ya know. And then I say the Revolver Short Jacket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket. An amazing accessory that didn't need anything added to it. It's the perfect sexy punk look. Kinda sexy..kinda edgy. Right up my alley.

Top: Baiastice GeG - Mini Dress: Fuschia
Bottom: Baiastice Pyton - Slim Pants: Black
Jacket: Baiastice Revolver - Short Jacket: Dark Night
Shoes: Moody, baby. :) Almost always Moody.
Hair: Fri.Day - Deena
(That's all you get..LOL)

Main Store:

Happy Shopping!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello world

smooooooooches my darlings even if I am not in, I am following you...this my last blog... I love therefore I am loved I believe (in all of you) and I am happy and I hope you are too@ This is my greatest wish, stop searching for is within all of us, stop competing to be the best, satisfy your heart. Happiness is not a new pair of shoes..OMG I said it
Happiness is a place in your heart reserved for people like is a state of heart, so is love find it wherever you do and hold it....wear your heart on your sleeve :) not your ego
hell go know you paid enough for that skin :P
I will never stop loving you all in both worlds

Free as a Bird

1. Head to Morea Style.

2. Get this FREE awesome dress at foot of stairs.

3. Wear the dress.

4. Be humble when you get compliments. (It's a new year - may as well give it a go.)