Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Licks on a Tuesday

Acccck! My first blog! Where do I start? Thanks to Blissie for the opportunity!

Hi my name is Mikki Freschi and I'm a confessed SL addict. hehe

I own a store called Licks by Mikki in SL, created from admiration of my wonderful friends and their unique styles, and classic tastes. LOL! I love it! I give away more than I sell, and I am quite pleased about that. It's not about making a Linden ever, it's that feeling I get when I walk in a room and see my friends who I admire so much wearing something I created.

okay yes all the posters are of me, but I stood still when I need me to and I never complained about getting stuck with that same smile day after day....lol. So Here's the deal I have included a copy of my tag in each purchase, throw it on a board and take a pic of yourself in your favourite licks outfit and you will become the new model on the poster. Name the poster your name in whatever the outfit is called, ie Mikki freschi in Licks Girly Purple...

Woooohooooooo! Two new posters in the store. Thanks to Blissie in Licks Girly Green and Parky in Licks Mustard! So today we have 7 new outfits! Definitely my faves so far! Thanks again for all your love and support!

Pictured are Licks Lola Blue, Licks Philly Plum and Licks Vintage Nude
Lola is a heavier beaded dress, simple cut, available in silver and blue. Licks Philly is my favourite dress to date, made entirely of lace, with additional layers included to cover your bits, model after a dress I wanted so badly and finally found for 2000L...yah right 2000L buys alot of pairs of shoes..hehe! Philly is available in plum and wine. Okay and lastly Licks Vintage, available in white, sage or nude, is a flirty little layered number designed from a piece of vintage lace from the 1920's.
Lick ya Later
Mikki Freschi


  1. Oh Ms. Wings, you do make the cutest little things and everything looks simply stunning on you. Love your shop and you.

  2. I think when you create for the LOVE of it..and not for the lindens..your creations will always be better and more loved. :) I love your Licks! Hooo! B