Monday, July 5, 2010

Truth Hair: Roxana

I'm dying. I took my pics in SL to post about my 3 AM purchase of new Truth hair releases when...

DUN DUN DUN! The lovely Joonie Jatho beat me to it by a few minutes. :P

Oh well. If you'd like to see a REAL fashion blog post, you can check it out here:

:) But of course, I'm so vain, I still have to post my own pics.

Well, on the bright side, Joonie and I showcased the light and dark of the hair - and I even threw in streaks to match my new Phoenix Rising dress (shameless plug for one of my fave stores).

So run over to the new releases section of Truth and BUY it. I don't suggest it - I demand you buy this hair and wear it. Your own way, of course. :P

Happy shopping, kids! :)


Fashion Fest!

Please IM Joonie Jatho with any questions. :)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Be The Boss..The Sexy Way

Oh, it's a man's world.

Sometimes, stealing a piece from his closet and softening it up some helps.

Scoop up this sexy top from Phoenix Rising. I don't just suggest it, I insist on it.

Shite: Phoenix Rising: Push Femme (Black)

Throw on some sexy jeans, sassy hair and heels....

And you're set. :)

Thank me later.