Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Sunday Morning for Me!

Well...This is my 2nd entry on this site and I am very excited about it too! I went shopping on xstreet this morning and found something nice to wear today. Here we go...

This outfit is very nice and I like it. It gives me the feel that I am in college again. LOL. The beanie comes with the hair and there are a lot of different colors in the pack. I got this complete outfit from and I am addicted to it! The name of the hair/beanie product is :HCT: Beanie and it is a lot of different colored hair in it too. The outfit is called College Rule Shirt and Pants. It is all on I love the website and it is fun to shop for secondlife whenever your not in-world. The clothes were 5L i believe and the hair/beanie was 8L. This is a very good and inexpensive look. Anyway, see you around.


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