Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not So Trashy!

So on my quest to bring a little RL to SL, I hunted down some Britney Spears outfits. I was lucky enough to stumble onto Ash's Trash - whose store name is the complete opposite of the clothing quality.

Womanizer Robe - right out of the Britney video for Womanizer, it's so sexy!

Nude Outfit - Right out of the Britney video for Toxic, this outfit won me 5th place in a photo contest. It even comes with a pose!

Stewardess Outfit - Another outfit from the Toxic video. :) Hey, if you ever need a professional outfit.....

Esquire Magazine Bikini - Self explanatory..LOL

Schoolgirl Outfit - From "Hit Me Baby One More Time!"

Really cute, really affordable - VERY fun and sexy. :)

Of course the store sells more than just Britney Spears inspired outfits - there's a great mix of outfits - below is a pretty purple dress I grabbed in between my Britney fits.

Happy Shopping!!!


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