Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crash Couture!

It was hard choosing what designer I would blog first. I love so many, and I'm always happy to share store advice, suggestions, etc. :) So let me start out with one of my little known favorite stores - Crash Couture.

So many, many, many months ago I met a girl in the Gossip Girl sim and we hit it off - all over boots, I believe.

And in true SL style, she moved on to design her own clothing line. T-shirts mostly, with really awesome tag lines and great colors and styles. Now her line has grown from just t-shirts to include booty shorts, socks, halters and more. More importantly, a freebie pair of eyes she sent my way once (group gift maybe..?) are now a part of my new look (which is ever evolving, so..).

And just so you know, the first t-shirt I ever owned from her was the GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE t-shirt. :)

So, here are some quick pics of a few things I own from Crash Couture, by BrookeMaree Gossipgirl.

These are just some - but I own tons. So I encourage you to check it out when you get a chance.

Crash Couture @ LA Street Scene



  1. Ms. Blissfulness, You are gorgeous no matter what designer you wear. You wear them all so well. I think I have a couple of her pieces and will now most definitely have to go and check it out.

  2. cute t's! you my fashionista idol.....
    starts adding t's to her wardrobe.......