Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Ain't No Myth, Kids...

So, I recently took to kicking around by myself again - which ALWAYS mean that I'm out prowling the streets of SL for new and exciting stores to check out.

I was lucky enough to fall into Myth, and as you know - I bought everything. Almost everything. I may have left one or two things on the shelves for you. :)

From the amazing colors to the great designs - it's one of those stores where you get super excited for new releases. I'm sure you can tell, I'm not a formal wear loving kind of girl - city chic is more my taste. :) Here are just a few of the outfits I bought (yes, there are more in my inventory...).

Outfit: MYTH: Not Your Grandma's Dress - Black

Outfit: MYTH: Pandora Outfit - Purple (available with light and dark pants in the same pack)

Outfit: MYTH: Bermuda Outfit - Yellow

Outfit: MYTH: Green Dots Dress

I highly suggest you check out the store - there's also men's clothes available! :) I love stores that give the boys something to do while I buy everything in the store. Great fashion isn't a Myth - it really does exist in SL! (Booo..that was lame..LOL).

Happy shopping, kids!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Something to Flap About!

Hurry to G and N Designs for this FREE flapper outfit, including the head band and cigarette holder. The designer has also included a necklace that complements the dress, which can be worn alone. Charleston, anyone?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Casting Off - from Dela!

Ok ok - bad heading but coming up with something original for these posts can be taxing. Dela is one of my very fav shops on SL. Its style is contemporary, but not out there - just my kind of thing. The clothes are well made, with attention to detail. Take lindens - just sayin' .... :) This pants set looks like something I would wear on a Caribbean cruise. It comes in several colors, but I liked this neutral one. I have paired it with a flower bracelet from Evie's Closet, pumps from Blaze, and candy drop earrings from FD (Frangipani Design). Bon Voyage!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Cherry - Shoes, Accessories, and Jewelry has some little flats to die for - they are meticulously done - some of the best I've seen. From a distance, these look perfect. I am not sure why they show the gap up close. They come in several colors - you will want the fat pack.

Earth and Sky

If you have not been to Earth and Sky - do not waste another minute. This spring dress is flirty and good to wear for those casual but kinda dressed up days our social schedules demand.

The necklace and earrings are from Twisted Rose.

Hair from - where else? - Armidi Gisaci

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Icing on the Cake..Oh Baby...

Outfit: Icing: Vixen - Sapphire

So while I'm a HUGE fan of Icing..with many outfits from there, I thought I'd just share a new dress I bought there recently. I like to call it my Red Carpet dress. So I invited my friend, and fellow fashion blogger, Joonie to join me on the red carpet with my dress (not with the it has it's own standing space..).

I love the texture used to make the dress - not only is the color amazing (I'm a jewel tone fan) but the (I want to say) rouching detail (but sometimes I question my own terms!) is outstanding.

The prices are reasonable, the clothes are BEAUTIFUL and classic.

Some stores DO survive your Noob transition. :)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silent No Longer

When Blissie first opened this blog she asked me to be a contributor. I agreed not knowing exactly what to expect. Then I started noting those wonderful fashion-minded folks whose company I have the pleasure and high honor of being in for this blog. I have watched and read enthusiastically what each of you have had to say and look at the loveliness you have displayed. I however, have felt unworthy of adding to the excellence here. I have been continuously seeking out something that I could post here.

Last week, I finally had something thrust at me so to speak. West Of Ireland was having an auction to benefit Project Children. I saw a couple dresses and a set of pearls that i wanted to bid on, and did. All the items were by Icings. Oh yeah!! On Sunday I arrived for the end of the auction and was bidding against a gentleman for this one retro black and white dress. I let him have it as my eye was on another, rarer gem.

This delightful cocktail dress was labeled as a one of a kind down to the very color which was designed especially for this auction number. I had been out bid, but then upped my bid by another 1000L. The most I had paid for a SL dress before was 1800L. (/me faints) My bid of 4000L won this cocktail dress for me. But I was far from finished.

There was one last item on the auction that was not a dress. it was this set of pearls, including the earrings. I am a pear fanatic. My favorite jewelry in RL is my pearls and I mostly wear pearls in SL as well. I had to have these. My bid was the last one taken and was 2000L. So i paid a grand total of 6000L for the dress and pearls. this means I will be living in this for a while. I am not one to spend so much on things like this, but all proceeds went to a great cause and I do believe the price was worth it. Visit Icing and find a few sweet things for yourself.
My other items: shoes are the main ones I wear - Seductress in black by Adam and Eve
Stockings are sheer black by Bettys
Hair - Bish Entice

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DoveWorks Urban Outfitters

So i went to look at the Isle of Light (garden center and a host of other things too numerous and awesome to mention), and happened on DoveWorks Urban Outfitters. I HAD to have this outfit. Every thing you see but the jewelry and hair is included and it also comes with a really cute cap, but i don't have any good hair to wear with it.

Savannah/Blue $425L

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joyful Designs

I have known Sunnyskies McMahon for a long time. She is a fabulous fashion designer and a great friend. Her and Simple will keep you in stitches! Here are some outfits to whet your appitite!
Candace Package. This includes the outfit i am wearing AND the boots! Sunny is great for giving you complete outfits at affordable prices! love that!

Here i am wearing:
Hot Pink Jeans
Pink Half Cut Top.

LOOK AT THE A**, erm, BACKSIDE on these jeans! Man i wish i looked like that in rl! HOOO!

Go and check out sunny's store when you get the chance you won't regret it!