Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy and Fashion

I'm not a fashion guru however I do have my own style, which to fashion gurus would be considered somewhat 'plain' but that's okay. Most days you will find Busy in jeans and tops with boots. There are occasions when Busy loves to dress to the max and that would be in a formal gown - but a gown that dances well. This means that when you dance, your legs do not come through the gown - those are difficult to find. My wardrobe is extensive with many beautiful clothing items found in second life. I have it neatly organized by designers and so many gorgeous outfits are one click of the mouse away. Oddly, the jeans and tops have a separate folder and the mouse is on auto pilot to that file.

If you are reading this blog, please know it's my first blog ever. I do thank you for your interest and as I probably know you in second life, I will always tell you the same thing when we part: "hugs".


  1. awwww busy, i am no fashion guru either! that makes us perfect black sheep! :)

  2. YAY!!!! Look who joined this crew. Ms. Busy you have a great fashion sense. You just happen to prefer casual wear. Me, I just know what I like and I go for it. Even in RL I do my own thing. I feel out of my league just being listed in this team, I am so very honored.

  3. Aww Sweetie none of us are gurus....well maybe Bliss lol

  4. Busy, I love your style. It's relaxed without being boring. :)

    I think all of you have amazing style and taste - and we're all so different that we each bring something unique and special to the table when we blog what we like. :) Thank you guys for being a part of this with me.