Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Entry!!!!!

Hey everyone! I am glad to be part of this blog and I think that I can bring a lot of fashion update to the readers here. First off I want to Thank Blissie for allowing me to contribute to this blog. Secondly I want to Thank one of my good friends, Mikki Freschi, for helping me get started here. Now on to my first fashion post!

This is a little ensemble that I put together myself. It is a cute little DJ outfit and I love it! The shirt came from a store in the LE. LOOK Sim and the shirt is called -WMD-Surgoi "GOd is a deejay" Tank Shirt. When i saw the shirt I immediately fell in love with it cause I am a DJ myself. The pants were given to me by a really old and good friend. The jeans are called CALCA KC C/CUECA. You might know where they are. If so just let me know please. The shoes came from a little shop called HOC Industries-House of Curios. I went to the sim that the store is located in and the owner and creator is very nice. Naturally I got the shoes off of xstreet for 30L. They are 30L in the store as well. The hair is from Armidi. I love their hair and I love the "The Emo One-Tipped Mode" but I am wearing the tipped blondes in this photo. The sunglasses are another gift that a very old and good friend gave me. You can find them at FNKY! and they are the oculos FNKY! sunglasses. The necklace that I am wearing is not really for sale cause a very dear friend gave it to me when his club opened. Anyway, I guess that is all I have for now! Take care and have fun shopping! Muahhhhh!!!! ~Justine~


  1. Sweeeeeet! Darling welcome to the fashionistas.

  2. Welcome aboard, glad to have your take on the fashion world as well.

  3. I love it! :) We're glad to have you on board, Justine! I love Armidi hair!

    Thanks for the great post!