Friday, February 20, 2009

Indyra Originals!

Sometimes, classics are the best! I love Indyra Originals, and if I started to blog every outfit I owned from Indyra, I'd crash the entire internet with the pics and the descriptions. :)

Everytime I pay a visit to Starbrooks, I end up shopping at Indyra. The three newest outfits I grabbed are perfect to me - they're chic, but relaxed. Let's face it, I'm not a formal kinda gal.

Sassy pantsuits, sexy lingerie and beautiful flirty dresses are my favorite purchases from Indyra. You can be rough and tough, yet super sexy.

As always, I suggest you check out the main store for whatever Indyra outfits suit your personal style - there's a large selection of styles and outfits (including shoes) to choose from. :)

Outfit: Milana: Adriatic (Indyra Originals)
Shoes: Urban Bohemian Ankle Flats (Nicky Ree - thanks Parker!)

Outfit: Marie Claire (Indyra Originals Gift!)
Shoes: Pinup -Blacker Patent (Stiletto Moody)


Outfit: C'est Facile: Buttercream (Indyra Originals)
Shoes: Pinup -Blacker Patent (Stiletto Moody)

FYI: I'll always post the info on outfits and shoes, but if there's anything else you want to know about in the pic, just drop me an IM and I'll let you know.

Happy shopping!



  1. You may not be a formal kind of a gal, but you do clean up very well. I also love Indyra and have several of her pieces. Now that I am cleaning out my inventory I might actually find find them and be able to wear them. ;-)

  2. Now I know where you took all those happy snappies. :-)