Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Best Kept Secret Store..

Sometimes you see an outfit in an SL store..and you feel like you need to own it in RL too. 

That happened to me when I fell into The Secret Store.  Yes, that's the name.  And yes, of course, I love the name.

Sweater:  The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Sky Blue
Shirt:  The Secret Store - Romance - Plum/Sky
Skin:  [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel - Abyss
Hair: - Jasmine.2 - Emo Black

I paired my sweater and shirt with a pair of Diram black leather pants from my inventory and my Diram Toxic Bottes boots.  I would have loved this shirt as a DRESS - how amazing would that look?  (Just saying...).

Sweater:  The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Charcoal
Shirt:  The Secret Store - Romance - Beeswax

Of course, I bought this in other colors too (hides her face).  It's a sickness I have.  LOL

But the gold and black go just as amazing as the sky and plum did.

Dress:  The Secret Store - Valentine - Pink
Hair:  Truth:  Roxana
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody:  Pinup - Blacker Patent
Skin:  LAQ:  Phoebe

And aside from traiditional chic outfits, you've gotta love a store that sells out of the norm outfits as well.  I grabbed this cape and bodysuit with matching boots in my shopping spree and snapped a few quick pics too.

Cape:  The Secret Store - Wild Pop Lady - Cape
Bodysuit:  The Secret Store - Wild Pop Lady - Bodysuit
Boots:  The Secret Store - Vinyl vintage boots -Crimson

So, I've found one of SL's cutest and best kept secrets - The Secret Store.

And now, I've shared it with you.  Shhhh!

Happy Shopping!


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