Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dana Rebecca Designs..

While I almost always blog SL fashion, I do want to share this fab RL jewelry designer - Dana Rebecca.  I'm in love, love, love with the designs.  That's about the ONLY way I can express my feelings.  LOL

I'm a huge fan of signature pieces.  Up until now, my signature necklace has been a small diamond heart necklace from Arezzo Jewelry (  I believe they've since closed up shop - but unless I'm looking to buy something else, I won't be able to confirm or deny. 

But!  I recently stumbled accross the Dana Rebecca site (, and being a huge fan of dainty necklaces..this was perfect for me.

I love the Lauren Joy collection - and so I bought myself a necklace in my birthstone (sapphire).

The above picture is off of the Dana Rebecca website where you can buy the necklace (  It's available in other stones (i.e. - emerald, ruby, etc.)

Grab yourself some matching earrings..maybe a bracelet..heck..even cufflinks for your guy!  They make and sell it all.  Service is fast and great.

As always, I only blog about what I actually buy.  :)  I love it, and it's now my new signature piece. 

Happy shopping!


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