Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet Me In My Boudoir....

I have NO idea where I got this landmark from.  But.  I'm really glad I was inventory sorting and found it. 

Boudoir is the newest addition to my long list of shopping addictions.

I love, love, LOVE..themed outfits.  From Britney Spears to Beyonce..I own a ton of pop culture inspired outfits.  Well, when I popped into the store and found this..I HAD to buy it.

The movie Black Swan is CREEPY.  But it's a beautiful and alluring kind of creepy. 

Skin:  [FC] Nina//BlackSwanRED/FhangCandy (Sold at Boudoir)
Outfit:  Boudoir:  Black Swan Ballerina dress

My ONLY complaint about this outfit, is that the tiara in the promo isn't included.  Of course, as an inventory queen, I had a few in my inventory to spare.

But I love the overall outfit..the skin was pretty..and it just felt like a great replica of the movie costume.

But they don't just sell the Black Swan outfit.  They also sell these amazingly detailed dresses.

Dress:  Boudoir:  Black plisse couture
Skin:  LAQ:  Martina
Hair:  Boudoir:  Irena Hair:  Black

So, if you need a unique dress..this is absolutely the store for you.

Happy shopping!


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