Monday, March 9, 2009

OMG! Custom Work By Licks!

Oh man..

I get so excited when I can see an RL outfit and then find it in SL.

And to ask an amazing designer to make it..and then have it made BEYOND perfection..well..I'm so 100 shades past excited..I'm in a whole new color spectrum.

First, I present to you the picture of a fantastic Gucci dress I've been drooling over..which was given to the lovely Mikki Freschi to create:

And now..the pics of Blissie modeling the Licks! version:

I think it's pretty safe to say that if Mikki Freschi didn't already have a huge fan in me for being such a great person, I'd want to marry her for being such a great designer.

:) Check out Licks! and see for yourself!



  1. Blissie you look great modeling that dress in RL and in SL. ;-)

    Ms. Wings is a wonderful designer, hands down. and a splendid person in any world.

  2. hehe, ty It was an honour and a privelege

  3. :) It's a great dress. Everyone should own one, I think. Every girl needs a Gucci.