Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eau de Tableau

Or is it Ode to Tableau...?
Well either way, Tableau reopened recently (finally) and OMG! I'm so happy!

Before I get into sharing the gleeeeee, I'd like to thank Blissie and the other
bloggers here at Black Sheep for asking me to contribute. I'm really excited!

I love to shop and I love to blog, so hopefully, you will enjoy my contribution. And I'd
love some input on what you'd like to see me blog about.

Ok, of my fave places, Tableau, reopened last weekend. I knew
right then that my first blog would have to be about the yumminess of the creators there.
They are so much fun and their clothes reflect this.
I love the way I feel in this oufit.
A little bit French...oui oui! And a little bit funky.

Well, I can't begin without the first nod going to Paper Couture and Cora Lu.
These shoes are to die for. Booties with
an open toe. Smexy! and oh so stylish. Done in black leather with a faux fur trim. *drool*
Your honey will want to lick your toes when you wear these!

The hair is by Lamb Bellic of !lamb. called Bonjour Operator, which comes with this color change beret! oooh lala how
I do love it! The hair style is adorable. I find it difficult to find cute
styles that are in the mid-range length of not too long but not too short. I still feel
very girly in this style although it's not too long and still feel the sassiness of short hair.

The leather jacket is by Toast Bard of fashionably dead (fd) and comes with
another layer to make it look more like a jacket than a shrug, which is how I'm wearing it here.
The shirt is by Juliettte Westerburg of Tres Blah. I bought the fatpack! It comes in delicious colors and the texture
has a nice thermal look to it.
Click the pic to get a closer look.

The earrings are from Polyester Partridge of Yummy.
I love love love them. I hope you can see the way the light
shines off of them. Very nice.
And the richness of the color and texture of the beret is amazing.
I can just imagine it's softness. Go on...touch it!

I must gush about the hair texture. Isn't it delicious! Beautiful, think
ringlets with little wisps here and there. Your crush will want to
run their fingers through it and will melt in the palm of your hand. ;-)

There are several more designers to showcase in my
next post.
Until then, please go check out this awesome sim and shopping experience.
I'll just stand here and look down upon all the glorious stores and
dream of all the lindens that will just magically disappear when I'm here.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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Shirt: Vintage Floral Thermals in grey - Tres Blah

Jacket - Lovely Leather Jacket in black - (fd) Fashionably Dead

Shoes - Semi-boot in black - PC (Paper Couture)

Earrings - Beaded Hoop - Yummy

Hair - Bonjour Operator in Butter (Blonde Bimbos Pack) - !lamb

Necklace - Harmony Ball necklace - Earthstones (not on Tableau)

Pants - Entourage Snowdrop in black - FD (no longer available)(not on Tableau)


  1. Bonjour!!

    Great photos and post, Joonie! I love the outfit, and I love Tableau. I had a lot of fun just looking around the sim. I need to get a Linden infusion and go back!

    Glad you're doing this--you are great at putting outfits together. Maybe I can learn something. I like this blog, too--real fashion for real peeps (well, ok real avs LOL) by real peeps. Can't wait to read more!!


  2. OMG! I love it!

    :) I've been aching for new hair..and that one's so cute!

    The very lovely Skinkie once told me.."accessories make the outfit AND the fashionista"..or something to that effect..

    I haven't nailed that down yet. But you have!

    I love new places to shop - thanks, Joonie!

  3. JoonieGirl, I have missed reading your posts since you stopped blogging. You do have a wonderful style and I am so glad you are telling us your secrets. Absolutely wonderful outfit (then again you always look good). I also love the mani.

  4. Thanks you guys! :D


    You can find my crazy ramblings there! LOL