Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Finds!

Ok girls - I have found a new fun sl shop, Spork - This outfit (bottom pic) is a gift from Malt on the same sim - find the pond and look for gift bags. I love its bohemian look. Paired with the boots from Maitreya, I think it rocks.

There is a treasure hunt on the new Malt/Spork sim (if you haven't discovered Malt yet, you're in for a treat), but - get this - you have to PAY 50 L for each find. Compared to the prices inside the shops, that is good, but still - have you ever seen a treasure hunt where you had to PAY? HMPH.

For the fashion genius in you, head to Einstein. Facing the shop, turn left and find the Chloe jewelry gift bags. I am showing the heart necklace and drop earrings. A bracelet and a second necklace and earring set are in the gift bags.

1 comment:

  1. I love Spork! When they first opened, I was lucky enough to have them at one of my fashion showcases..and it was so great - I think I bought everything!

    Thanks a lot, Ayn!!