Sunday, March 22, 2009

T..a..R..t Yoga Outfit

So, I used to go to this store..called T..a..R..t ages ago when it was a part of a giant mall with Beefcake (I hope that's right..LOL). And I loved the outfits. And then one day I tried to TP there and it was gone! I was heartbroken.

Recently I was shopping on SLX (yeah, I shop in all forms) and I came across T..a..R..t outfits! I got so excited.

So of course, in my usual fashion, the first thing I did was get into the subscriber! I love those things.

And here's the best part..for joining the subscriber, I got a free yoga outfit.

So I did my shopping..and then ran home to try it all on. But the best part? (I know, can it get better?) The yoga outfit came in multiple colors!!!!

I want you to pay attention to the detail in the top - the detail is just like breathable fabric that you find on REAL yoga clothes. I love it!

In any event, I bought tons of stuff..LOVE the store..and think you should check it out too. :)

Happy shopping!


1 comment:

  1. SLX? What's that? Hmm

    Love the yoga gear. I just want to know if you can strike all of those poses in RL. ;-)