Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sophisticated Dressing at Muism

This Slinky dress from Muism comes in several colors - white, black, sapphire, green, and gray. The dress has moved high on my list of favorites due to the swing of its skirt (one of best I've seen on SL), and the pretty back. Bring lindens because you are going to want several Muism outfits.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Newggenheim Museum Fundraiser Freebie

How Lickable is this??? A freebie dress....A beautiful, lush gown with delicate plum blossom details. Please join us for the March 29 Newggenheim Museum Fundraiser Gala will feature new pieces by RL and SL artist (and NY Times celebrity), Filthy Fluno, in his continuing series "Adventures in a Virtual World" as well as wonderful new works by RL/SL artist Chrome Underwood in his continuing series "Archaeologist of the Soul". The special event will run from 2 pm to 6:30 pm SLT with music for your listening, browsing and dancing pleasure DJs Chrighton Johin of the Savoy Jazz: 2:00 to 3:30 PM SLT, Ganymede Ceriaptrix .. of Savoy Jazz 3:30 to 5:00 PM SLT and Fumuzi Kanjon of Hot Sax Jazz Club 5:00 t0 6:30 PM SLTFancy Dress@! Use Your Imagination @! Prizes Awarded for Best Costume at 6:30 PMThe Fundraiser will help cover the cost of keeping the Newggenheim - a fully functional, interactive museum with exhibitions by contemporary RL artists - alive in SL. The Newggenheim's design is based a three dimensional model from the actual architectural plans of the RL Guggenheim Museum in New York City. In operation for 15 months in SL,the museum was created to provide an educational and cultural focus point in SL. In addition to mounting shows by RL/SL artists during that time, the Newggenheim has raised money for the Red Cross and the Henry Hippen Education Fund through art auctions. The Museum was also proud to participate in last year's Diegoland float parade, where its float, designed and built by Dresden Dagger, captured the "Most Artistic" prize.
Available on xstreet sl only......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sirena Hair

I love this hair! I am showing two styles here, Tyra and Seduction. Tyra is from the black pack and Seduction is from the Brown pack. Tyra has a color change tie that can be removed by you or others. Seduction comes with cute hair sticks that can also be removed by you or others. In both cases when you remove the hair accessory, your hair will cascade over your shoulders! I LOVE that. In addition the Tyra has an animation showing you removing the hair band. :)



Both are available at Sirena Hair:


Monday, March 23, 2009

RFL Find

Hi - Pixel Passion offers this funky purple (heads up, Blissie) plaid dress as one of its RFL designs. It costs only 50 L! For those that want to really punk it up, add the included fishnet top, sleeves, and/or stockings. This is a good one to dance in - that fringe moves beautifully. Boots are Funkies from Maitreya. Jewelry FREE from Chloe at Einstein. (see my last post for slurl)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

T..a..R..t Yoga Outfit

So, I used to go to this store..called T..a..R..t ages ago when it was a part of a giant mall with Beefcake (I hope that's right..LOL). And I loved the outfits. And then one day I tried to TP there and it was gone! I was heartbroken.

Recently I was shopping on SLX (yeah, I shop in all forms) and I came across T..a..R..t outfits! I got so excited.

So of course, in my usual fashion, the first thing I did was get into the subscriber! I love those things.

And here's the best part..for joining the subscriber, I got a free yoga outfit.

So I did my shopping..and then ran home to try it all on. But the best part? (I know, can it get better?) The yoga outfit came in multiple colors!!!!

I want you to pay attention to the detail in the top - the detail is just like breathable fabric that you find on REAL yoga clothes. I love it!

In any event, I bought tons of stuff..LOVE the store..and think you should check it out too. :)

Happy shopping!


New Finds!

Ok girls - I have found a new fun sl shop, Spork - This outfit (bottom pic) is a gift from Malt on the same sim - find the pond and look for gift bags. I love its bohemian look. Paired with the boots from Maitreya, I think it rocks.

There is a treasure hunt on the new Malt/Spork sim (if you haven't discovered Malt yet, you're in for a treat), but - get this - you have to PAY 50 L for each find. Compared to the prices inside the shops, that is good, but still - have you ever seen a treasure hunt where you had to PAY? HMPH.

For the fashion genius in you, head to Einstein. Facing the shop, turn left and find the Chloe jewelry gift bags. I am showing the heart necklace and drop earrings. A bracelet and a second necklace and earring set are in the gift bags.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, thanks to a certain raven haired fellow black sheep, I ended up at .:Ducknipple:. recently. The clothes are really cute - very casual and trendy. The mix of colors and the darker grungy mix make for a saucy look. :) So here's one of my fave outfits, Snabbel: Peppernoot: Gray. Everything is included - except the boots, those are property of Shiny Things, baby.

Be will drive your honey to try and keep you from other men.

But it's a great outfit to just relax by your huge window overlooking the city in..

But be WILL drive the boys wild!

Thanks, .:Ducknipple:.!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wooohooooo! More Fresh Licks!

Happy Tuesday Fashionistas! You guys are really a huge inspiration to me as well as an overwhelming source of support :)

So thanks and here are a few photos of my latest items in the store and they will be on xstreet later this week.
First up we have Licks Buttercup.... a frothycocktail dress with gorgeous princess sleeves. This sassy little outfit will make you feel very regal.

This is Licks Decadent, featuring a regency style skirt in deep purple velvet. Perfect for an evening on the grid.

Licks Colleen, this flirty little number features a full skirt in pale sage linen with a delious double helping of frothy underskirting.

And finally Licks Promenade, an incredible cocktail length dress with lace bodice and lace underskirting perfect for strolling down the promenade at your favourite seaside resort in sl.

Smoooooooooooches and Lick ya later!

Mikki Freschi

Monday, March 9, 2009

OMG! Custom Work By Licks!

Oh man..

I get so excited when I can see an RL outfit and then find it in SL.

And to ask an amazing designer to make it..and then have it made BEYOND perfection..well..I'm so 100 shades past excited..I'm in a whole new color spectrum.

First, I present to you the picture of a fantastic Gucci dress I've been drooling over..which was given to the lovely Mikki Freschi to create:

And now..the pics of Blissie modeling the Licks! version:

I think it's pretty safe to say that if Mikki Freschi didn't already have a huge fan in me for being such a great person, I'd want to marry her for being such a great designer.

:) Check out Licks! and see for yourself!


Freestyle in Sl

This summery aqua jersey dress is just the thing for avie comfort. It is a freebie at Nils Island Store - look under the stairs for the bags. It comes in a bright green that might come in handy for St. Patrick's Day.
Her other designs run about $250 L and have the same fun sense of casual style. Shoes are from Insolence - April black. Oh- and the hair is Ryo warm cinnamon from Damselfly. I'm in LOVE with Damselfly hair these days. More later - the dance floor calleth.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bare Rose Big Boss Bliss..(Thanks to Bev..)

Well, Bev sucked me in with her Bare Rose blog. :) And while she covered everything..

Here's a few pics of an outfit I grabbed there called Casablanca Lady SE (the hair is Charley from ETD. Shoes are, of course, Stiletto Moody, Black Patent..the usual, you know?).

Everything else comes with Bare Rose Outfit (sexy cigar too - though I do NOT endorse smoking).

:) I felt like a sexy mafia boss in this I figured I'd Maybe I shouldn't fashion blog late at night...?


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Freestyling in SL

This lovely beaded red party dress is only 1 L when you join the Marinoco Fashions group. If I read the sign correctly, you IM Marinoco Oceanlane after you join and she will send you another gift of your choosing. Be sure to check out the back FREE wall - lots of goodies there. Her prices are quite reasonable for the rest of her designs. Enjoy.

Freestyling in SL

Evie's Closet offers this GORGEOUS fae outfit, including wings, just for joining her new HIPPO group. No group slots are taken. Evie's period clothes are outstanding for their textures and quality.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Freestyling in SL

I'm on a roll - nothing like free fun fashion to get an avie's heart rate up.

This green sweater/scrunch dress is FREE from Mythology. Four colors are up for grabs: green, purple, blue, and pink.

Freestyling in SL

SL is full of firsts: sky diving, exploring, dancing the tango - you name it. Now here I am, blogging for Black Sheep Fashion Diaries. An avie never had it so good.

First up is a FREE jewelry set that comes with the earrings, necklace, and matching ring. Burroughs Jewelry comes with color change metals and stones, hugger/kisser, poofer, bling styles, and inscription if you are so inclined. There are EIGHT configurations for the necklace. I love it, and you will too.

I paired the jewelry with a vibrant FREE dress from PhLow. Other items in the shop are on sale - I think the owner is leaving SL, so head over soon. The Funkies boots are sold at Maitreya.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to provide the slURL. Until then, use the search places tab.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eau de Tableau

Or is it Ode to Tableau...?
Well either way, Tableau reopened recently (finally) and OMG! I'm so happy!

Before I get into sharing the gleeeeee, I'd like to thank Blissie and the other
bloggers here at Black Sheep for asking me to contribute. I'm really excited!

I love to shop and I love to blog, so hopefully, you will enjoy my contribution. And I'd
love some input on what you'd like to see me blog about.

Ok, of my fave places, Tableau, reopened last weekend. I knew
right then that my first blog would have to be about the yumminess of the creators there.
They are so much fun and their clothes reflect this.
I love the way I feel in this oufit.
A little bit French...oui oui! And a little bit funky.

Well, I can't begin without the first nod going to Paper Couture and Cora Lu.
These shoes are to die for. Booties with
an open toe. Smexy! and oh so stylish. Done in black leather with a faux fur trim. *drool*
Your honey will want to lick your toes when you wear these!

The hair is by Lamb Bellic of !lamb. called Bonjour Operator, which comes with this color change beret! oooh lala how
I do love it! The hair style is adorable. I find it difficult to find cute
styles that are in the mid-range length of not too long but not too short. I still feel
very girly in this style although it's not too long and still feel the sassiness of short hair.

The leather jacket is by Toast Bard of fashionably dead (fd) and comes with
another layer to make it look more like a jacket than a shrug, which is how I'm wearing it here.
The shirt is by Juliettte Westerburg of Tres Blah. I bought the fatpack! It comes in delicious colors and the texture
has a nice thermal look to it.
Click the pic to get a closer look.

The earrings are from Polyester Partridge of Yummy.
I love love love them. I hope you can see the way the light
shines off of them. Very nice.
And the richness of the color and texture of the beret is amazing.
I can just imagine it's softness. Go on...touch it!

I must gush about the hair texture. Isn't it delicious! Beautiful, think
ringlets with little wisps here and there. Your crush will want to
run their fingers through it and will melt in the palm of your hand. ;-)

There are several more designers to showcase in my
next post.
Until then, please go check out this awesome sim and shopping experience.
I'll just stand here and look down upon all the glorious stores and
dream of all the lindens that will just magically disappear when I'm here.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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Shirt: Vintage Floral Thermals in grey - Tres Blah

Jacket - Lovely Leather Jacket in black - (fd) Fashionably Dead

Shoes - Semi-boot in black - PC (Paper Couture)

Earrings - Beaded Hoop - Yummy

Hair - Bonjour Operator in Butter (Blonde Bimbos Pack) - !lamb

Necklace - Harmony Ball necklace - Earthstones (not on Tableau)

Pants - Entourage Snowdrop in black - FD (no longer available)(not on Tableau)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Tuesday Morning!

Hello my lovely peeps on the internet! Today I have a cute skater outfit for you to look at. I got it at Little Britain Designs store in the Jetline Runway sim. It is called English Skater Dude. It is there freebie of the week. It is a cute lil skater boi outfit. I love it! I might wear it all day (you never know with me). Here is a picture of it that I took.
It is a very nice skater outfit that I can just sit back and relax or just go running around on the grid with. Now all i need is a skateboard! LOL That's all for now.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Sunday Morning for Me!

Well...This is my 2nd entry on this site and I am very excited about it too! I went shopping on xstreet this morning and found something nice to wear today. Here we go...

This outfit is very nice and I like it. It gives me the feel that I am in college again. LOL. The beanie comes with the hair and there are a lot of different colors in the pack. I got this complete outfit from and I am addicted to it! The name of the hair/beanie product is :HCT: Beanie and it is a lot of different colored hair in it too. The outfit is called College Rule Shirt and Pants. It is all on I love the website and it is fun to shop for secondlife whenever your not in-world. The clothes were 5L i believe and the hair/beanie was 8L. This is a very good and inexpensive look. Anyway, see you around.