Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Baiastice Punk!

So I'm a huge Baiastice fan - let me freely admit this from the beginning of this post. I own more of the glitter dresses than anyone probably should..but I love them ALL. I adore the colors, the textures, the designs. Hell, I even love the STORE. So when I made my usual brief appearance on SL recently, I popped into Baiastice to see what was new.

I love the sexy punk look in SL, but sometimes it can be TOO much. The clothes can be too heavy..or too dark..not the right amount of sexy punk. There's a fine line, ya know. And then I say the Revolver Short Jacket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket. An amazing accessory that didn't need anything added to it. It's the perfect sexy punk look. Kinda sexy..kinda edgy. Right up my alley.

Top: Baiastice GeG - Mini Dress: Fuschia
Bottom: Baiastice Pyton - Slim Pants: Black
Jacket: Baiastice Revolver - Short Jacket: Dark Night
Shoes: Moody, baby. :) Almost always Moody.
Hair: Fri.Day - Deena
(That's all you get..LOL)

Main Store:

Happy Shopping!!


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