Saturday, December 11, 2010

Convertable Pieces..

Not a picture blog today, kids. Just some old fashioned commentary.

It's funny that you can go into an SL store and buy a dress.....that quickly converts into a bathing suit.

Genius, right?


In what situation would you ever be in.....where you'd need to just remove the bottom half of your skirt and you'd be ready for the water?

I don't know about anyone else..(maybe I'm OCD), but I'd have to change hairstyles..and jewelry..and shoes..there's a whole process!

So no..when I click on a folder to wear it..I don't want the whole swimwear option in there at all.

I'd chalk this up to an Idea Fail.

Just saying. :)

These are my 2.5 cents..that I know you've missed.


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