Saturday, February 27, 2010

Morph Me Beautiful, Baby!

So every now and then, I go on a mission to have something.

Sometimes it's shoes, sometimes it's clothes..a hair..a pose..a whatever.

This time, I went on a photo morphing bender.

What is photo morphing, you ask? It's the blending of RL images with your SL make an amazing and, sometimes, very beautiful photo. The trick is..finding the perfect SL photographer that can blend the images perfectly.

Now this is actually where the trouble comes in.

Not very many SL photography studios do it. So you search and come up with about a dozen.

Now, having done a few, and figuring out that you CAN drive someone nuts by changing your mind multiple times or asking for changes to the picture..the style..the feel..the best thing for you to do is:

1. Go into the studio with a notion of what you want already. Colors, ideas, feels, photo messages.

2. If you know of a photo you've seen that you like the pose, the style, etc. SEND IT TO TH PHOTOGRAPHER. I maybe wouldn't have driven a few people nuts if I had done that to start with.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for changes - especially considering a morphed photo can run you anywhere from 1,000L to 3,000L.

While I've shot several, the first one I got back were from the VERY kind Marion Falworth of Lavish Photography. I was exact in what I reflection in a mirror morphed. I think the results are stunning.

I'm beyond difficult to work with - ask Ayn Tomsen and Hartigan Beck of AHA! Designs. When they custom build homes for me, I come with an exact imagine in mind. This is what I want - what's in my head. I provide pictures, I provide feedback while they work. But that's in the building of a house.

It's a lot harder for me to stick my nose in with a partially finished morph. I just have to wait until it's done and then give my honest feedback.

But I have to say, though the image in my mind was slightly different, the feeling in the picture and the overall look was perfect and on-spot. It's sexy and surreal..very beautiful.

Now the close-up, I offered less direction on. I simply said, I want to look more exotic than just one ethnicity. The results are AMAZING - almost as if she'd read my mind.

So I feel very satisfied tonight. Excited, even. :)

Months ago when I discussed morphed photos with the lovely Stella Stapleton, we were unsure of copyright issues, etc. and agreed to hold off on taking them until we knew more. I'm kind of glad I waited, because now I have more of a feel for what I want out of the picture.

:) Of course, there's more to come.

So, check out Lavish Photography at



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  1. Blissie you are gorgeous no matter how you are morphed. You have true beauty that comes from with in and ensconces all aspects of your lives.