Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday & SL!

I found an invitation in my SL mail this morning to shop with my Lindens at some new locations. Since most of my SL friends were out hitting the RL black friday celebrations I put on my coat and ventured out to see what I could find. I still slip into my favorite Last Call Dark Wash Compliquee Jeans and my Shiny Things Lace-up Brown Boots. But I found a new coat on my spree that seemed to be a perfect warm up for my adventure - A *Shai* Ruby Shearling Coat with burgandy turtleneck underneath for $350L! I'm still contemplating whether to invest in this gorgeous gown found right next door. Could I write it off as a business expense since I hostess at Savoy? This "kimora" evening gown was only one I would love. Right next to it was a collection of "winter gowns." All worthwhile SLvestments!

Happy SLhopping!

I have to add a P.S.! Out back of the gowns is a wonderful gazebo full of *Shai* dollarbies! Cute boy jeans and polos (do you not hear boys complaining ALL the time on SL about the lack of fashion?) as well as more coats and bikinis! Gotta <3 SL Black Friday finds!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Think Julia Roberts

Ok - you remember Pelican Brief where Julia Roberts plays the law student hell bent on righting the ecosystem ills of the world single handedly? This frilly blouse and sweater from Coco remind me of that oh-so-fragile-but- trying-to-look-brilliant look Julia Roberts sported. Hey - *I'm* not claiming brilliance, but I do declare the look awesome.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fan me - I feel HAWT!

Sigh - ok - so Ayn couldn't be bad hawt, but hey - she's sizzling for Ayn. HA! This outfit comes from Dela - the leather vest and skirt are Belinda, and the knit dress under those is Lisa. And yes - I'm going back for the red.


This is the classiest baggy tee you will find - Aoharu's Kawaii Baggy Tee. I have paired it with silver slim fit pants from Coco - if you haven't been to Coco - get a move on! Hair is Zero Hair's Pompadour. This is my go to hairpiece - it can be casual or formal, and it is great for those outfits that have sculptie tops. Nothing interferes with the garment. Be forewarned - this does take a bit of time and a lot of patience to get it to look right. I even had to play with the the texture repeats.

Aoharu for LEATHER!

Get your Tough Girl outfit on and head for Aoharu sim - facing sim turn left to store on corner. There you will find very well made and stylish leather jackets and other clubbing styles. Pair the leather with a fancy chiffon dress to really make a statement. Shown is Leather Jacket with White Shirt. If you just need the jacket, the shirt comes off. Scripted resizing is offered to make things easy.

Tell the TRUTH...

Ok, so Blissie has cracked the fashion blog whip, and here I am. Truth hair has several styles on sale for 25 L in the back room - not the ones outside. First up is Jasmine in chestnut - a nice casual messy style.

Second is Morgan - it required a bit of editing, but if you know how to edit linked parts, you will be fine. Shown in cherry. Hey - at 25 L why not?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Diram - A Taste of Luxury!

So, I sat down to FINALLY do a Diram blog..and here's the problem.

I own SO much of Diram's outfits..that I have NO idea where to begin.

From BOOTS. My love of Diram is now insane.'s the thing. I realized all of my fave pics are really from my Diram collection (yes, Diram has it's own folder in my inventory).

I've had the pleasure of meeting the Diram creator, Djob Karu, a few times and she's REALLY nice! Get in the group, you won't be sorry! There are contests..there are GREAT new outfits's just one of those stores you're REALLY happy you stumbled on to - trust me.

So, I'm going a few things to you. Listen carefully to the following:


:) You'll thank me for the above advice. Now......note the following pictures..which you will enjoy. :) But believe me..going there and buying everything is WAAAY better than me telling you what I bought (that list is TOO long!).

Happy Shopping!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


So..I'm a hair FANATIC. I love hair in SL (in addition to shoes..), and I loved finding Fri.Day not too long ago. I bought several hairs and stuck 'em in my inventory with the rest of the things I buy and never play with. And then I saw someone wearing a very familiar hair and I started inventory hunting.

While I bought multiple styles, I dug out Fri.Day's Deena first (which I admit is my favorite) and quickly remembered how much I LOVED it and why. This is such great quality hair..that I'm able to trade my usual brunette locks for blonde or redhead with such ease. That says a lot - because I'm seriously ALWAYS a brunette in ALL hair brands.

In addition, when I tried on the demo hair..not only did I buy the black set..I bought the FATPACK!

In any event, the color is fabulous..the fit is PERFECT..and the styles are sexy and fun. I highly suggest you visit the store - not only do they sell hair, but they ALSO sell some really cute clothing which, if we're lucky, BZ will blog since she went shopping there with me.. *whistles* :)

Happy shopping!