Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday & SL!

I found an invitation in my SL mail this morning to shop with my Lindens at some new locations. Since most of my SL friends were out hitting the RL black friday celebrations I put on my coat and ventured out to see what I could find. I still slip into my favorite Last Call Dark Wash Compliquee Jeans and my Shiny Things Lace-up Brown Boots. But I found a new coat on my spree that seemed to be a perfect warm up for my adventure - A *Shai* Ruby Shearling Coat with burgandy turtleneck underneath for $350L! I'm still contemplating whether to invest in this gorgeous gown found right next door. Could I write it off as a business expense since I hostess at Savoy? This "kimora" evening gown was only one I would love. Right next to it was a collection of "winter gowns." All worthwhile SLvestments!

Happy SLhopping!

I have to add a P.S.! Out back of the gowns is a wonderful gazebo full of *Shai* dollarbies! Cute boy jeans and polos (do you not hear boys complaining ALL the time on SL about the lack of fashion?) as well as more coats and bikinis! Gotta <3 SL Black Friday finds!

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