Sunday, November 1, 2009


So..I'm a hair FANATIC. I love hair in SL (in addition to shoes..), and I loved finding Fri.Day not too long ago. I bought several hairs and stuck 'em in my inventory with the rest of the things I buy and never play with. And then I saw someone wearing a very familiar hair and I started inventory hunting.

While I bought multiple styles, I dug out Fri.Day's Deena first (which I admit is my favorite) and quickly remembered how much I LOVED it and why. This is such great quality hair..that I'm able to trade my usual brunette locks for blonde or redhead with such ease. That says a lot - because I'm seriously ALWAYS a brunette in ALL hair brands.

In addition, when I tried on the demo hair..not only did I buy the black set..I bought the FATPACK!

In any event, the color is fabulous..the fit is PERFECT..and the styles are sexy and fun. I highly suggest you visit the store - not only do they sell hair, but they ALSO sell some really cute clothing which, if we're lucky, BZ will blog since she went shopping there with me.. *whistles* :)

Happy shopping!


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