Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cubic Effect!

I needed a new outfit for my rezz day, and headed off to Cubic Effect (thanks to Ayn Tomsen) to grab something.

I came across this new release, and on it's own, I'm not so sure if I'd wear this as a dress - but I love the look with leggings and boots.  I leave it up to you.

My only complaint about this store (and quite a few others) is that  I fell in love with a shirt-dress that had a black sash belt in the picture.  BUT.  It wasn't included in the purchase of the shirt, nor could I find it in the store to buy.  Things like that kinda get under my skin.  But the designs are phenomenal - so I guess it makes up for it.

Dress:  !_Cubic effect  Sheer knit(black)
Skin:  Atomic - Abyss
Hair:  Truth - Allison
Leggings:  Happy
Boots:  Wretch

Happy shopping!


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