Sunday, October 30, 2011

GG Designs: Classic Catwoman

Okay, I'm sorry.  That "modern" Catwoman suit is UGLY.  With some serious capital UGG going on.  But the classic TV Catwoman costume?  Now THAT was something.  It was sexy, but it covered enough to leave an air of mystery.  I applaud GG Designs for putting out a fab costume - not taking the creepy helmet costume route like a lot of other designers.

Costume:  *GG Designs Catwoman Classic TV Costume
Skin:  LAQ
Hair:  Elikatira
Pose:  Magic Nook
Props:  Glitterati

I love it.  :)  And if you're like me..and think the creepy Catwoman costume sucks..then this is the one for you.  Boots included!

Happy Halloween shopping!


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