Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can there be a fashion Utopia?

I met a girl in the Savoy recently, and while I rarely do it, I had no choice but to ask her where she got her dress from.  It was so beautiful - yet very sexy.  So..I was off to Utopia - to see if such a store existed that could combine formal gowns with a very sexy, yet modest look.  And the answer?  Well.  See for yourself.

Dress:  Utopia FRIDA lace noir
Skin:  Glam Affair - Amelie
Hair:  Elikatira - Mood
Shoes:  Armidi - Vidalia Pump (Gold)

Between the sexy slit, the sassy lace and the amazing bangles (included!), you can't go wrong.  Even if the slit isn't your taste, there are so many different styles of formal gowns at Utopia, there's got to be something for everyone.

Happy shopping!

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