Saturday, January 15, 2011

Attention Brides..This is No Myth!

Well, this was a fun little picture session.

Myth is having a CLOSING sale! All inventory is 30L - crazy, I know - and it'll be over soon.

So this amazing wedding dress is 30L. It's called Chloe - it's pretty..simple..kind of a classic wedding dress.

I figured, since I've never had an SL wedding, I've never actually looking into wedding attire (beyond the dress I would wear to accompany Mr. Moo, I didn't care much).  So why not, right?

:)  For 30L, you can afford to marry 10 SL guys!  I kid. 

The bouquet is some lost treasure from my inventory, and the hair is, of course, Truth. 

If anything, I hope you buy the dress and run around club in it..just to cause a scene.

Happy shopping!


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