Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silent No Longer

When Blissie first opened this blog she asked me to be a contributor. I agreed not knowing exactly what to expect. Then I started noting those wonderful fashion-minded folks whose company I have the pleasure and high honor of being in for this blog. I have watched and read enthusiastically what each of you have had to say and look at the loveliness you have displayed. I however, have felt unworthy of adding to the excellence here. I have been continuously seeking out something that I could post here.

Last week, I finally had something thrust at me so to speak. West Of Ireland was having an auction to benefit Project Children. I saw a couple dresses and a set of pearls that i wanted to bid on, and did. All the items were by Icings. Oh yeah!! On Sunday I arrived for the end of the auction and was bidding against a gentleman for this one retro black and white dress. I let him have it as my eye was on another, rarer gem.

This delightful cocktail dress was labeled as a one of a kind down to the very color which was designed especially for this auction number. I had been out bid, but then upped my bid by another 1000L. The most I had paid for a SL dress before was 1800L. (/me faints) My bid of 4000L won this cocktail dress for me. But I was far from finished.

There was one last item on the auction that was not a dress. it was this set of pearls, including the earrings. I am a pear fanatic. My favorite jewelry in RL is my pearls and I mostly wear pearls in SL as well. I had to have these. My bid was the last one taken and was 2000L. So i paid a grand total of 6000L for the dress and pearls. this means I will be living in this for a while. I am not one to spend so much on things like this, but all proceeds went to a great cause and I do believe the price was worth it. Visit Icing and find a few sweet things for yourself.
My other items: shoes are the main ones I wear - Seductress in black by Adam and Eve
Stockings are sheer black by Bettys
Hair - Bish Entice


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  2. OMG! Black sheep got SPAMMED????

    very nice entry Parker! love the dress and that you were able to donate at the same time is marvelous!