Saturday, May 23, 2009

Icing on the Cake..Oh Baby...

Outfit: Icing: Vixen - Sapphire

So while I'm a HUGE fan of Icing..with many outfits from there, I thought I'd just share a new dress I bought there recently. I like to call it my Red Carpet dress. So I invited my friend, and fellow fashion blogger, Joonie to join me on the red carpet with my dress (not with the it has it's own standing space..).

I love the texture used to make the dress - not only is the color amazing (I'm a jewel tone fan) but the (I want to say) rouching detail (but sometimes I question my own terms!) is outstanding.

The prices are reasonable, the clothes are BEAUTIFUL and classic.

Some stores DO survive your Noob transition. :)


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