Monday, January 14, 2013

In Memory of Fred

Years ago, when Mr. Moo and I shared a snowy skybox in long lost sim, we had a little yard in our skybox.  To his credit, Borday built it all himself - he even had this amazing panorama of a snowy forest surrounding the skybox. 

In our yard there lived a reindeer named Fred.  Fred was a part of our family. 

In honor of Fred, I donned this fantastic outfit by Secret Passion and I found a fake-Fred.  We'll call him Ted.  Merry Christmas, Ted.  You'll never be my darling Fred - but you'll do.

Anyway!  I love the outfit - it's so adorable - and to quote my darling Marls, "Everyone loves scarves".  So true.

Outfit:  Secret Passion:  Cian  
Skin:  Atomic
Hair:  Elikatira
Shoes:  (Shiny Things) Francoise Flats - multiswirl

Happy shopping, loves.


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