Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Rant..

Dear Designers,

Let me preface this rant by saying that I love you.  I worship the talent that it takes to create original, beautiful and stylish outfits.


There are some designers that seem to think that the design of their store and the presentation of their product are not as important as the product itself.

Well, it is.

Here are a couple of specific pet peeves:

1.  Having a large display board with an AMAZING dress/outfit/whatever and said item(s) are NOWHERE NEAR THE DISPLAY BOARD.  WTF!  Why do I now have to hunt all over a store or a SIM to find one dress?  Put the ad and the product together.  For pity's sake.

2.  A picture of a product that is SO photoshopped.....the product, when purchased, looks nothing like the picture.  Yes, a great promo picture sells products.  A deceptive one makes you a designer that people won't buy from again.

3.  A store design/layout that is like a MAZE.  If your store is huge, take a hint from bigger designers and add a MAP or a TP box that takes you where you need to go.  Running in circles is no fun.  And not labeling sections of your store makes things that much harder.  Frustrated shoppers are not really going to spend a lot of money.

4.  If you place live models in your store wearing an helps if the outfit FITS them.  Showing an ill-fitting product isn't good for business.

That's all for now.   Happy Sunday!


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