Sunday, April 29, 2012

Men's Corner - Armidi

It always nice to find a place that can be a one stop shop. While I like to make sure I look good, I'm still guy and the process of shopping is something I still don't enjoy. So when you find a place like Armidi, you can grab your formal and your casual in one stop and look amazing afterwards.

Not only do they have great clothing for both the men and the ladies, they've got a large selection of accessories too so you can be sure to find a little of everything you're looking for. Make sure you check them out.

Outfit: Cambridge Cuffed Shirt
Skin: -Belleza- Miguel Tan 4
Hair: Exile - Conner (Whiskey)

Outfit: Classic Italia Suite - Bronze (w/ Classic Italia Tie)
Shoes: Redgrave Loafer - Dark Brown
Skin: -Belleza- Miguel Tan 4
Hair: Exile - Conner (Whiskey)

Be good to each other...

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