Sunday, November 20, 2011

NK Fashion

Ladies, have you ever gone to a formal club...but not been in the formal mood?  Of course.  Who actually likes being swaddled in (and suffocating from) so much cloth (prim!)?  Not I.

So, I'm on the hunt for dresses that are sexy, and yet still acceptable enough to wear in a formal club setting.  Enter NK Fashion!  Sexy lace trimmed short dress?  Heck, yeah! 

Dress:  JAZMINE - Stone
Skin: LAQ - Elena
Hair:  Truth - Alison
Pose:  Virtual Props and Poses
Jewelry:  Encore

Check it out.....give those spinning massive primmed out dresses a BREAK!

Happy shopping!

***Update:  While dancing at the Savoy Jazz Club, my first five minutes at the club, I was not only HIT on in this dress, I was told how amazing it was..and that I had great legs.  :)  Now..the dress has totally paid for itself.  LOL


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