Sunday, April 26, 2009

E! and ChiChickie!

Got one of those FashCon notices the other day while i was looking for things to do and the attachment showed this really cute cardigan. So i tp'd over to E! to check it out! Each cardigan is only $40L or you can get the fat pack for $350L. Really adorable i think and she has other interesting things, "eclectic accessories" is how she describes her store. Very fun!
Then i mosied over to my favorite hair designers store and found this adorable hairstyle and had to have it! For only $1ooL for 4 colors how can you go wrong!? AND it is scripted for easy fitting.
Hair from ChiChickie!
ChiChickie! Allura - Mocha - Scripted

Cardigan from E!
Glitter Cardigan (Black)


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  1. I love it, Bev! I love RL cardigans!