Monday, July 20, 2009


Phoenix Rising, Nardcotix, and Chloe Jewelry at the Einstein sim are having a 99 L sale. These gowns, dresses, and jewelry normally cost close to a 1000 L. Get a move on!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't Faint - 50 L!!!

This outfit, called Morgan, is only 50 L at Kenza. I am wearing: Truth hair - Linda, Maitreya Sassy Wedges, Addiction Jewlelry Heart Lock and Key bracelet, and Silver Heart Locket with T-bar from Jewelry, Boots, and Shoes by Virtual Impressions.

Addiction Jewelry is my new best friend. Atiya Masala's Silver Weave bracelet is the one I reach for first. Her designs are elegantly simple. A free pair of earrings is delivered when you join her group. When you get there, go up the stairs and find the back right corner. Take lindens.

Addiction Jewelry -

Kenza seems to be a mix of fashionable to edgy. All her designs look well done. This dress flows beautifully. She has several 50 L outfits at the shop as well as 50% off on some items.

Kenza -

Virtual Impressions has some good boots that are not expensive. Be sure to wander about, as it is a large shop.

Virtual Impressions -

It's been a while since I was at Truth Hair and Fashions. Let's just say I will be going back often.
The hair FITS and has lovely movement. Her colors are well done - I am wearing the chestnut from the browns pack. Her designs include some to die for belts - I bought them in all colors.

Truth -


Sunday, July 5, 2009

DYN't Touch That Dial

More style from DYN - Green Flouncy Dress


Sale at Moody!!!!


Don't Miss DYN

This Flame dress from DYN makes a classy top for the Coco slimfit gold pants. If you haven't been to DYN - allot for a long shopping trip - the complex is huge. Oh yea - and take lindens - items are not expensive, so you can get stylish things for an economy budget.

Seldom Blue FREE Pink Gown

This charmer from Seldom Blue at the Sxy2 sim has gorgeous detail to keep you in the pink. (Ok - bad pun.)

Seldom Blue Makes Me Happy with This ONE L Gown - Stella

Come on - get happy with this Seldom Blue Stella gown. It it only 1 L at the Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue shop on Sxy2 sim.

Free Cappuccino Anyone?

This lovely gown from Seldom Blue was a gift from the lucky chair. The chairs show normal letters - not just the usual Q, Z, W, and X so common on other chairs. This is the Cappuccino - note the detail on the bodice.